Try saying this when you had a few glasses of wine! I have a video … I’m too embarrassed to post it … one of these Tuesdays!

Have fun this afternoon – Life has just been too serious around my home with sickness and death and I know it’s not just our house.

My mother used to have a saying when her life had … we will call them “situations” when things were not going right, not going the way she planned. Most of the time we were with her … ALL THE TIME apparently she didn’t believe in babysitters! We would all jump in the car, and my mother would lean back in the driver’s seat, take a deep breathe and say “Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke”. 

I would say to her “mom, you didn’t tell them a joke, they told you NO” – she replied with “what you do in those moments when things aren’t going your way is don’t take it too seriously think of it like a joke” My mother used humor to heal, it was a wonderful thing!

Peace Harmony & Have some fun!

XO Cheryl