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CC Home Concierge Company ~ formerly Envision-Designs.com

My name is Cheryl ~ I’m a Professional Organizer

I free up time for individuals in order for them to prioritize what’s most important to their life.

It’s never easy being the busy working parent or busy professional trying to juggle workplace stress with the daily pressures of family, friends and self. Are you looking for that Work ~ Family balance in an unbalanced world?

  • Could you use someone to help plan, shop, prep meals with clean up after? So that you can give the kids a bath, or spend time with your partner of life.
  • Since you are at work managing your work priorities, do you need someone to conquer the management of the home?
  • Are you staring at your never-ending “To Do” list? Trying to figure out how you are going to squeeze in some ‘Me-Time’?
  • Are you feeling the guilt and stress of working outside the home? You’re used to doing things very well, but it’s hard to do that both at work and at home.

​Allow me to help with running those errands for you, or taking care of those tasks such as cleaning, laundry, house management, and much more.  I can also organize your home or office with working together during the organizing sessions, and clear away the clutter in your everyday surroundings.  Together we will free up more of your time for all of those things that you’d rather be doing day to day.

The mission of CC Home Concierge Company is to help people find that delicate balance between their work life and home life while finding them the luxury of time so it can be spend on what’s most important.

Quotes from happy clients:

I feel your motivation when you drive up the driveway”, “You help me find calmness in my chaos”, “I am happy with the systems we created together – I am proud of myself because of your coaching”.

Summer / 2018 – “You made us look professional”

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